Lara Mann

In my practice, I soothe an anxious mind by creating mixed media artworks that utilize repetition.

By using a meditative art practice as escapism, I allow my mind to wander inward and compulsively create. Thousands of dots fall together to create an idyllic picture of serenity and beauty.

My recent work attempts to evoke surreal landscapes with minimal representation. The moon, the stars, and mountains are wonderfully universal. Simplified shapes with excessive details suggest an otherworldly place deep in a reverie. The viewer becomes a voyeur of the artist’s consciousness.

Using mesmerizing color gradients, lustrous mixed media, and seductive clear layered resin, I am able to improvise a dreamy setting with only a handful of visual cues.


Within my wood painting practice, I strive to capture a balance between meditation and perfectionism. I utilize the wood grain lines as preset organic boundaries which inspire my compulsive creations. In allowing the material to influence my creative energy, I find myself collaborating with nature.

I have always had an affinity for patterns in nature. After exploring a variety of designs, I found a muse in wood as a material and subject matter. By harnessing the beauty of wood grain and the allure of color, I create artworks that offer a sense of depth that are both seductive and immersive.

I apply tediously mixed hues with a detail brush to follow every curl and knot on the surface. Some raw grain and edges are left exposed to reiterate the authenticity of the material. A final coat of resin transforms the lumber into a luminous object.